To be sure, it’s a catchy title… and it didn’t disappoint! I would recommend this to anyone who is seriously seeking love, relationships, and/or marriage.  It’s not preachy and there’s certainly no sugar-coating when they share interesting–and sometimes uncomfortable–factoids about the discrepancies of the male and female psyche.

While there is not much handholding throughout the book as Allan and Barbara Pease candidly share with us their thoughts and findings on the matter, there is a certain clarity that dawns upon us and one cannot help but feel a bit more equipped to delve into the vast underpinnings of the male and female psyche as applied to romantic partnerships.

I cannot say enough that we need to read up and learn more about the inner workings of romance and how being aware of gender differences set the scene for more effective communication and understanding between partners. Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love would be a good place to start.

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