It’s the convening of four very talented stars of the big screen: the inimitable Reese Witherspoon, the endearing Paul Rudd, the charming Owen Wilson, and the venerable Jack Nicholson. The writer and director James L. Brooks deserves both the credit for picking just the right people for the roles of How Do You Know and the credit for conceiving the unique plot.

Brooks shares that the premise of the story is two people who meet during the worst day of their lives, and together with the talented cast, they pull it off with charm, wit, subtlety, comedy, and grace. It surprises me that it scored only 5.3/10 on IMDb. I guess it goes to show that IMDb doesn’t always get it right.

Just because it’s not tragic, epic, or dramatic, it doesn’t mean that it is less credible and enjoyable as a movie.  We do not always need gravitas, novelty, and special effects. Sometimes a feel good movie which is both funny and poignant and speaks about the subtleties of the heart and falling in love is just what we need.  And this movie delivers!

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