It takes me time to catch on to the latest TV shows mostly because I seems that at times I have the tendency to resist trying new things but recently, due to some mixture of boredom and ill health, I decided to watch Dexter for the first time.

I’ve watched the first few episodes so far and even though I had my reservations about the premise of a serial killer as a protagonist which was why I was hesitant about the idea of giving the Dexter series a try for years, I am pleased to say that this show has won me over.

Of course, it is when I start to ask deeper questions as to why it has won me over that it gets trickier. It is, after all, a show filled with murder and violence, severed limbs, bloodied corpses and such and I wonder how it reflects upon me as a person.

As much as we do not condone violence in society and the as much as the  idea of teaching of exposing children is unappealing to us, humans have a certain fascination for violence which accounts for the existence of the Crime Channel and many popular criminal mystery TV series.

The need to explore and/or give voice to our darker side vicariously is coupled by the multifaceted personality of Dexter who channels his sociopathic personality towards a sort of covert vigilantism which satisfies the human desire for revenge as well as the tendency to want to see “bad guys” get punished.

It’s not a pretty facet of the human psyche–definitely not something we’d wrap up in a bow and put under the Christmas tree but I have to give the creators of Dexter credit for giving an interesting twist to the personal struggles of a complex serial killer without coming off as a one-dimensional character –and to the crime genre in general.

You’ve got a new fan. Thumbs up!

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