A Possible Logo for Love 101?

So we’ve survived studying languages, maths, and sciences, and even after the arduous efforts of completing our studies, we find ourselves completely lost about love and emotions in real life. How about if a subject called Love 101 was taught alongside all the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic?

If “Love 101” doesn’t suffice as the title, perhaps “Emotional health 101″ can be considered as an umbrella course which would encompass “Love 101”? (As our topic for today is “Love 101”, I will endeavor not to digress to much into the macro topic of Emotional Health–let’s leave that for another time, shall we?)

Now, what would this course include? As an introduction, as with any product or equipment which we purchase and/or any machine we operate, there should be a legal clause which protects one from breaking one’s heart and incapacitating one’s mind as we are warned about protecting our limbs or any other various body parts from being torn or otherwise damaged.

Caution: Heart Fracture/Damage Possible

If children’s toys now carry some warning or another about the hazards which it might cause if not used properly, how come we had to learn about similar cautions to our heart the hard way? If only they had taught us all these in school at an early age, with continued education as we progressed from K-12 then wouldn’t we feel far more prepared?

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Note: This is the first in a series of Love 101 blog entries… Stay tuned!