Finding Love

If only finding love were as easy as illustrated in the photo above, wouldn’t it be wonderful? We could just focus on the page and gradually we’d be able to find L-O-V-E and get a red marker and capture it. We’ve always been taught that there is a way to achieve what we want through concentrated effort–if only it applied to the ever elusive “amore.”

A Push of a Button

If only it were this easy–that was just push a button and we’d be able to find love… I’m not contesting that there are many methods for finding love… I’m contesting the assumption that love can ever be found.  Again, back to the first paragraph where I state (in so many words) that love is not a product of mere focus or concentrated effort.

If only it were that easy –then people would have found true love left, right, and center… for there certainly is no lack of people who are seeking it.  However, seeking for something does not automatically entail finding it. As much as we would like to think that we have control over a lot of things–it certainly does not apply to love.  True love does not appear as a result of merely desiring it or applying effort to look for it.

Love Appears Unexpectedly

Love cannot be found… instead, it finds us.  That is the irony of the situation, we keep on looking and searching for it and it eludes us… It comes when it does and it does the finding/seeking.  Love finds us.  We do not find it–as much as we would like to think so and take the credit for it.  Perhaps, it’s time to sit back, relax, and let this happy accident chance upon us.

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