I have to admit that I read The Daily Post @ WordPress.com almost daily to see what new Plinky prompts or other interesting topics which they have posted. I like this topic and I couldn’t come up with a better title other than the actual prompt itself:

What part of life confuses you the most?

It would be all too easy, and a bit lazy and misleading, just to say that “Everything” in life confuses me. . . because not everything in life confuses me anymore.

I’d like to think that I’ve got a good grasp of at least a few things or even a better idea of a few other things. However, what confuses me the most is something so basic and yet so paradoxical, and that is: L-O-V-E. . .romantic love to be specific .

Love and relationships confuse me the most because they are not logical. . . and as much as there are some occasions when human beings have proven themselves to be logical, they soon lose all their credibility for being logical as soon as they step into the realm of romantic relationships because nothing is more illogical than two beings involved in a so-called romantic relationship.

Once we step into the embraces of romance, we find that we tend to mysteriously misplace our good sense and rationality. . . and the situation we find ourselves in is an unpredictable free for all where the chips fall as they may–in other words, we seem to lose control over many of our faculties and have no idea what will happen next.

All we end up having is this intense hope that everything would turn out well but every day unfolds in uncertainty and we just have to live with it–for as we know now, words are just words and promises can hardly be used as a bond to hold someone with us against their will.

So once we step in the melee of love we are all hope and fear glued together by faith that it will all work out and that it won’t be some sort of cruel joke that the universe plays upon us.

Once we step into the uncertainty, we find that the only way we can go on without disengaging from it is through trust . . . that all will unfold as it should. And it is confusing and frightening to put our faith and trust into something so intangible and uncertain.

If only it were that easily to logically extricate ourselves from such a situation, then we’d be safe, but we’ll be missing out on one of the best gifts of life. We can only hope that the risk is worth the reward.

However, if only love came with a fail-safe manual and a guarantee, life would be easier, wouldn’t it? Here’s to wishing . . .

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