An interesting prompt by Plinky via the Daily Post @ site goes something like this:

If you could go back in time and have a five minute conversation with yourself ten years ago, what would you say?

Being a certified Trekkie, I would have to admit that the first thought which came to mind was that conversing with one’s past self would be breaking the Temporal Prime Directive.  However, once we move past that random thought – my mind went into overdrive wondering how this five minute conversation would possibly come about?

Would it be a Lakehouse style–a mailbox or phone call–lost in time scenario, or would there be technology such as a time machine involved?  Perhaps it would be easier if it were some sort of astral travel situation where I can speak to my past self in a dream?

Come to think of it – an email to my past self would have been nice too –and mind you–it would have been more than a five minute conversation/email… It would have been a novel length composition, and that’s just getting started on all the warnings and stories I’d have to tell my younger self…

However, in the interest of being concise, here goes:

1. Believe in Yourself … and all that… This sounds pretty basic but it can’t be said enough.  At the start of our lives–fresh out of college–the world can seem quite daunting and we don’t know quite where to start–and this is where we end up questioning ourselves and wondering we would be able to make anything of ourselves.

2. Stay Healthy… Yes – seems pretty basic too, however ten years ago, I felt ten feet tall and bullet proof and I thought I was going to stay that way forever. It would have helped to know that I should have been less reckless with my health since I would pay for it somewhere down the line.

3. Things Change. Things change, plans change, everything changes–in every imaginable and unimaginable way.  We may count on certain things to come to fruition–but they won’t.  We may think that pigs would fly before certain things happen–and they do happen (but not the part where pigs fly). It’s about accepting the trite adage, “The only thing constant in life is change.” Well? What can I say, the truth hurts. The sooner we learn to accept it, the better off we’ll be–or so we’d like to think.

4.  Shit happens. This is self-explanatory. Need I say more? Okay, how about this–Think Murphy’s Law.

5. Keep Moving Forward. Well, no matter how many accidents, road kill, distractions, idiots, obstacles, problems, illnesses, and/or any other random thing life throws at us. . . we must keep moving forward. . . and in moving forward, let go of the past. Onwards and upwards to bluer skies and brighter moments.

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