“Let’s just be friends.”

“I only see you as a friend.”

“I only love you as a friend.”

These expressions are trite and overused–but despite all that, being on the receiving end never ceases to be painful as hell.

Unrequited love is a good jumping-of point for a plot–and probably makes for a good book, movie, TV show, or a backstory–but anyone who is experiencing its painful sting will be at a loss to appreciate the situation.

While it might be tempting to continue basking in the meager light of unrequited love where rejection is euphemistically put as invites to friendship, it would pay to think twice about accepting such an arrangement.

Even if one might have romantic sentiments that keeping the friendship is better than nothing at all–it would be prudent to balance this idea with whether keeping this connection would be tantamount to keeping the wounds fresh.  Then, it would be wise to assess realistically one’s true capability to heal.

The friendship need not be permanently severed, though.  It might just be a good option to take some time away to heal and recover from a painful rejection–then assess whether a rekindling of the connection is worthwhile–or even possible.

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