BBC has done it again!  Their 2009 TV miniseries rendition of Emma is wonderful!  No wonder it had been nominated for the Emmy, Golden Globe, and Satellite awards.  Romola Garai‘s portrayal of Emma Woodhouse is unparalleled and I would have to say that this is my favorite depiction of Jane Austen‘s Emma to date.

How they handled the unfolding and narrating of the story is wonderful.  It comes across like a Jane Austen fairy tale and what could be better than that for us avid Jane Austen fans?  Jonny Lee Miller indeed does our beloved Mr. Knightly justice – just the right amount of intensity, sternness, and appeal.

It would come as no surprise that Rupert Evans‘s Frank Churchill is just the right amount of charm and recklessness.  Tamsin Greig‘s handling of Miss Bate’s character is also notable – an effective combination of vulnerability and nervous chatter really brought Miss Bate’s character to life.

A veritable and delightful treat for all Jane Austen fans and a definite must-watch for all!

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