We have grown up with our fair share of Disney movies and for people like myself who have yet to grow out of watching animated moviesTangled is quite a treat.  Granted, I did not find the plot as romantic or as moving as Beauty and the Beast, but let’s face it, the tale of Rapunzel is more challenging to approach and handle, and therefore due credit and applause must be given to Disney for giving us a refreshing take on what is one of the more boring fairy tales in the bunch.

I can acknowledge that perhaps my partiality for Disney’s Beauty and Beast might not be simply because of the original animated movie, but also because of my age.  I was younger and more impressionable or sentimental than I am now, so perhaps it had a greater effect on me.

It could also be that I have always been fascinated by the tale of Beauty and the Beast.  However, Tangled was still a very enjoyable, entertaining, and diverting animated movie – complete with the signature musical numbers – and not to mention, watching it in 3D adds to the experience.

It would be in this facet (the 3D factor) that Tangled would trump “Beauty and the Beast” and I can’t help but hope that Disney would do an updated 3D version of it.  I admit, it’s now sounding more like a review of Beauty and the Beast, instead of Tangled, so I should probably get back to the point.  There are some very interesting and memorable characters and Disney has definitely not lost its touch for delighting children of all ages (ahem) and providing us with refreshing angles and perspectives which make us feel young again.

Endearing characters to watch out for – aside from the leads – would be Pascal and Maximus.  I’m not going to go into detail here so as not to spoil the experience of watching the movie… but yes, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who would like to be captured by the romance of enchantments and kingdoms… and the idea of a happily-ever-after.  Goodness knows, we do need more of this in our lives – and just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Enjoy!

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