Thanks to the folks at and Plinky, I’ve got something new to write about.  Even though I’ve signed up for the weekly posting option, I still would like to post as often as I can.  Heaven knows, writing muscles get toned with frequent exercise… and I could stand being a bit more disciplined in this regard.

And… drumroll, please… my personal preference is…  texting!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m as chatty as the next person when in good company…  However, it still stands that on an average day, my main mode of communication with people would be texting, followed by chatting, and if need be, a phone conversation.

There’s something less intrusive about texting (presuming that the text alert tone is not akin to a siren) – since, it’s basically people leaving messages which we can answer at our own pace, without breaking stride for most part of the day.

Texting is also provides an avenue for us to compose our thoughts properly (if we choose to take the time) instead of just blurting out whatever is on our mind.  It is true that it might lack the level of dynamism, authenticity, connection, and contact of talking, but it provides a safe, manageable, and productive distance which might be more suitable to a faster paced lifestyle.

My preference for texting should not mean that texting should replace phone calls altogether since personal or voice contact is also essential in fostering more authentic human relationships.

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