Yes, the title is pretty trite.  I’d have to admit it sounds like those essays assigned to us back in school.  However,  I found the topic interesting.  Thanks to Plinky and for the writing prompt.


Iceland is known as both “The Land of Fire and Ice” with a wonderful presence of both volcanoes and glaciers, and “The Land of the Midnight Sun” with 20 hours of sunlight during the summer.  Not to mention, Iceland’s legislative assembly the Althing (established in 930) is the oldest surviving legislative assembly in the world.  It is also home to the Westfjords, considered to be the most western point of Europe, which were a stronghold for magic and wizardry in the Middle Ages.


Politics and modern sensibilities aside, there has always been something about the grandeur and opulence of Imperial Russia which has captured my imagination.  I’ve always been enthralled by the myth and the magic of the legends which surround Imperial Russia.


Bhutan is known as both “The Land of the Thunder Dragon” and “The Last Shangri-la” with a very Buddhist heritage.  It is also the only country in the world where tobacco sales are banned and where tourists (except the ones from India and Bangladesh) have to pay US$200 for each day they stay in the country.  These factoids taken together strike me as mysterious, intriguing, and interesting.

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