I’ve come across a very likeable lady, Bina, who is doing numerology and crystal reading and it was interesting… and accurate.  It’s not a crystal ball reading as has been popularized by media.

It consists of taking a handful for tumbled crystals in your hand, closing your hands around them, concentrating on the query, then dropping them onto the velvet-like fabric with lines and words on them and reading the configuration of the crystals based on where they have ended up.  It’s almost logical when you think about it.

She also does numerology based on birthdays and again, I would have to say that it has been quite accurate.  It’s nothing mind-blowing but I would say that it would be worth trying it out to get some insight into yourself or issues which are weighing on your mind.

Regarding payment – they say that it is by donation only though if you’re wondering what the ballpark figure would be – P300 would be fine.  She lives in Quezon City and her contact details are: 0917-8377068 and 7030408.

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