When is Enough Really Enough? How many repeated apologies with questionable sincerity does it take for us to get the point?  How many repeated offenses and feeble excuses do we have to swallow before it gets to the point that we feel that it is already too much?

I walk the fine line between compassion and practicality.  When people have gone through so much trauma in their lives, is it fair for them to take it out on other people?  When we are the people they take it out on – we become the prey.  In such cases, it is sometimes hard to figure out where patience ends and stupidity begins.

There’s a fine line between being a tolerant person and being an idiot and when we find ourself in this gray area, its hard to tell where we stand.  When we allow people to repeatedly verbally, emotionally, psychologically, and/or physically abuse us, we are perpetrating gross negligence towards ourselves.

When we allow other people to get away with virtually anything less than decent behavior and short of any major crime, it is irresponsible behavior on our part.  It is irresponsible behavior towards ourselves, for are we not the wardens of our own well-being?

If we as much as defend ourselves or at the very least set boundaries, it is not about changing people’s minds, dictating their behavior, meting out punishment or taking revenge on people.  It is about respecting ourselves enough that we do not allow people to treat us like rubbish – without treating them like dirt as well.

It’s not about rallying people to crucify a certain person or to initiate an exercise in self-righteousness which might turn into a witch hunt.  It is simply about knowing and loving ourselves enough to set boundaries for what we allow others to say and do to us… and learning to leave, to disengage, and to walk away – to basically not be present in questionable company to allow such behavior – when it is already too much – indeed, when enough is enough.

(c) Niconica 2010