So, the Globe Wimax option didn’t pan out and while I did consider getting SmartBro, I ended up going for the Sun Wireless Broadband option since it seemed that Smart Bro’s signal is erratic to nonexistent in our area – or so I’ve heard from some friends who live in the neighborhood.

Despite the fact that it was strange that Sun would have better signal than SmartBro, I did not give this any further thought as Sun Broadband didn’t only offer signal availability but also a fast and convenient sign-up policy, and a monthly unlimited internet access with only a 3 month lock in period (which is of course not specified in their brochure) for P799/month  as opposed to the two-year long lock in period for Smart and/or Globe.

The plan named “Easy Broadband 799” held true since there were no credit checks, no further hassles.  The optional USB modem costs P888.

Sun Broadband Wireless seemed like the way to go since both Globe Tattoo and SmartBro postpaid wireless internet plans included the hassle of waiting for the standard credit checks to pull through which could be easily a week to two weeks on top of the 24-month contract one is locked in to when one avails of a postpaid plan.

After a few weeks in Internet Siberia, acquiring Sun’s Wireless Broadband seemed like a great idea since it appeared to be the best option among the wireless USB internet service providers, however, I was not prepared for how slow, frustrating, unstable, and inconsistent the connection would be.

So, it seems that while Sun Wireless Broadband was a very marginally satisfactory stopover (if at all) and it seems that the search continues for the most suitable internet connection which might most likely be the traditional wired DSL connection…

So, then again, the cards are back on the table, in terms of the DSL internet connection – will it be PLDT, Globe, Smart, SUN, or Bayantel? Stay tuned…

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