No thanks to the very unhelpful (the kindest words which I can think of to write) PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company) repairperson who originally came over to check the dead phone line which turned out to be caused by zapped wires, and instead of offering any sort of solution, he had the brainchild of cutting our perfectly working DSL wires, compounding the problem instead.

Upon having the wires reconnected by someone else (since the PLDT repairperson verbally and emphatically refused to reconnect the wires he disconnected, claiming that the task was too simple or mundane for him), the phone conduit promptly got fried a few days later (upon another unsolicited mysterious visit of the same PLDT repairperson as recorded in their logs – which I found out after the fact).  These series of frustrating events then heralded the nearly three weeks of internet deprivation – and the frantic search for another internet service provider.

After what might have been questionable intentions of the PLDT repairperson, we did not feel comfortable in reinstating the PLDT DSL connection – which had been inconsistent and slow as of late and landline service. We did ring up their customer service to let them know about the ill behavior of their repairperson but it was a useless gesture – they did not give a fig.  We then decided to finally terminate our PLDT subscription (which had been ongoing for over a decade) and move on.

*More blog entries coming up about the frantic search for an internet service provider… as well as blog entries of cake decorations…  The good news is… I’m back online!

*Much to my surprise, upon googling, there is actually an existing image with the text “PLDT Sucks” courtesy of

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