Another movie I found extremely uncomfortable but thought provoking is Gregor Jordan’s “Unthinkable”, with Samuel L. Jackson lending his unique gravitas and Michael Sheen providing depth, and Carrie-Anne Moss bringing heart to the series of pressure packed events.  Once again, it’s not a movie where one would find oneself sitting back comfortably as the scenes unfold, however it is a movie which I would also consider timely and relevant.

It is, not by any chance, just another terrorist action movie where the good guys and bad guys are clearly defined.  It’s a bit closer to reality in the sense that each person, no matter how unlikeable or reprehensible, to a certain extent possesses conflicting tendencies and even redeeming qualities.

It would have been easier to dislike the character Steven Arthur Younger / Yusuf played by Michael Sheen if he had fit the stereotype of a “terrorist” and if he did not at some point bring up some valid concerns.  Without the back story of Samuel L. Jackson’s character H’s family life, it would have been convenient to think of him as a monster as well.

Interestingly enough, gut reflex xenophobia is challenged as the movie  “Unthinkable” questions the nature of who or what the ‘enemy’ is.  While it may be more gratifying to see the ‘enemy’ as a stranger or outsider; now that the world is much more dynamic, it’s not that simple anymore.

It seems to that the movie brings up the blurred boundaries to right and wrong, good and evil – and yet at the same time sheds light to very real moral dilemmas.  Aside from the salient points of bomb threats and torture, the movie also calls our attention to the subtle nuances and perspectives in every situation.  It reminds us to keep judgmental attitudes in check, since it is all too easy to jump to conclusions.

“Unthinkable” does not provide easy answers in a neatly wrapped package but instead, leaves our mind whirring = processing the myriad questions and concerns which it brings up.  Disturbingly enough, it also brings up the questions – how much humanity or morals can we afford to retain or sacrifice when we are under an immense amount of pressure?

Definitely worth watching – thought not for the faint of heart (or mind).

(c) Niconica 2010