While there may be a series of stops and starts, there can only be one true beginning.  While it can be contested that time and experience might almost make certain that no adult would have the proverbial clean slate, situations (on the other hand) can claim tabula rasa at the initial onset.  It is at the verge when all possibilities exist and is not yet polluted by the complicated interactions and machinations of human emotions.

It is at this crucial and priceless juncture that one can invoke the power of being able to start anew – as much as is possible.  However, most of us drag around our issues and baggages like corpses and bring it to the table when we begin anything and chances are, we end up consciously or unconsciously bringing the same problems to the table which then once again resurrects the vicious cycle of challenges.  It’s not to say that we should hide or suppress our issues as that would be unhealthy and would probably end up undermining the new experience.

Noting that fabricating fictitious backgrounds and personas would probably backfire in the end, the suggestion is simply this: be aware of the precious new window of opportunity that a new beginning and clean slate provides.  A new beginning should not be a convenient excuse for escapism but should warrant careful consideration.  It is in fact the closest we can get to a rebirth, and is a better second chance than an actual second chance would be.  Being able to start anew is better than any second chance we may ask for.

(c) Niconica 2010