Have you ever felt cheated by your memories?  During different moments, they can be elusive, ever changing, and selective.

Whenever we look back at the fabric of our past, it seems to glitter, change, and transform into different colors – and when we choose to focus on a certain hue, it might almost change our perception of reality altogether.

It is an utter conundrum – our memories can be cruel or kind. When taken together, it’s a jumbled and tangled mass, which when unravelled would seem to almost be an utter illusion.  This makes me think that we should not take our memories, or the past, too seriously.

In saying that, it does not mean that amnesia is recommended – for we know all too well that if we do not learn the lessons of the past, we might be doomed to repeat them again.

However, if at times we are tempted to dip into the well of our recollections, we should be able to let go once the cup is empty so that we allow ourselves to remember something else next time – and be able to detach from it once again in order to be able to come back and live in the present.

We do not want to be haunted by memories, do we?  No  matter how beautiful or how horrible they are, they have gone.

Let us allow the memories to waft through us like a poignant scent, stream through us like flowing water or brush past us like a gust of wind, then continue to firmly have our feet in the present, resolutely walking forward, without letting ourselves be altered or confused by nostalgia or resentment.

Be here.  Right here.  Right now.  So that you will be able to make new memories, instead of simply just looking back at the old ones.

(c) Niconica 2010