Gravity has very much to do with any sort of fall.  Unless we are in outer space, gravity does not seem to play any favorites.  However, there is a way to trick, cheat, or work around gravity and we have found many ways to do it – through parachutes, airplanes, flying balloons, and bungee jumping cords.  These are ways to enjoy the free fall without completely losing control, and thus keep us safe to a certain extent.

The other sort of falls which are unmediated by safety measures mostly turn out to be accidents or mishaps of some sort – with someone or something coming out the other end a bit worse for wear.  This is what everyone tries to avoid, as much as they possibly can.  So again, in the interest of safety, we try to keep our two feet on the ground as much as possible.

Both these methods are concerned with caution – with minimizing risk and loss.  While it is wise to engage in one or both ways of prudence, taking the preoccupation with risk aversion to an extreme is another matter altogether.  Sooner or later, we find ourselves living a life of utter order, discipline, and even suppression.  Sooner or later, we find ourselves so utterly safe with these devices which we have adapted to bypass gravity and we wonder why we feel numb and flat.  Sooner or later, our whole energy falls into a deep hibernation.

Logic dictates that proceeding with caution is the best way to live.  After all, with the dangers and uncertainties about, it would be but natural to find a way to cocoon ourselves from all the potential threats to our peace of mind.  Reason cannot argue otherwise.  It is irrefutable that being careful, in control, following the rules, and protecting ourselves – even from something as general as gravity itself – are sought after qualities.

However, the perils of falling into the deep end of logic might be as dangerous as falling into the deep pools of passion, if not even more so.  In pure passion, we are at least fully alive in the moment, could the same thing be said for being in pure logic?

Seeking shelter in the solace of reason could not be wiser and equally dubious – for what is life but an incomprehensible series of seemingly random and uncontrollable events?

As we attempt to find some semblance of order and control, we would undoubtedly be faced with the fact that life is inexplicably messy and chaotic while being attempted to be tied together by arbitrary laws of physics such as gravity.

It might petrify us to know that at any moment we might miss a step and slip, and gravity is there, ready to pounce on us – then we’ll be done for.  It’s almost scary enough for us to curl up into a ball and hide, isn’t it, knowing that at any moment we can fall… gravity might do it’s thing and that would be it.

It’s almost mind-numbing to think through all the reasons why we should not take risks – especially with the uncertainties and the unexpected joyous and horrifying moments lurking the dark, just around the corner.  And yet, what would life be without all the risks, the uncertainties, the flying, the falling, the moments of perfection, the mistakes, the triumphs and the defeats?

For at every moment we take a true risk, we are more alive than ever.  For every moment we face the unknown, we are more courageous than ever.  For every moment we dare to face the rules and break them, we are more victorious than ever.

Let us not let gravity or any self-imposed rules get in the way of living every single moment of our lives to the maximum capacity.  Let’s leap off the plane without a parachute and see what it holds – an accelerated meeting with certain death or the only actual moments that we would ever feel truly alive, or both. For what is life, if it’s not for living fully, completely, totally, wantonly, in complete abandon and surrender.

(c) Niconica 2010