I ask you, what is your real mask?  There’s so such thing you say? All masks are fake?  I beg to differ.  There are many masks we wear which are fake, but there is one real one – so real that we actually do not know that it is a mask.

It’s the mask that stays on even after we’ve taken off all the ones that we wear for the day – and suffice to say, we might easily go through several in one day.  It’s the mask that we believe is our true face.  It’s the mask we wear to deceive no one else but ourselves.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the various masks that we put on for other people – now that would be an endless conversation.  Let’s just talk about the masks we put on to lie to ourselves with or cover up something about ourselves that we can’t bear to face or admit.

The first thing would probably be to kick and scream (read as: denial) that we don’t wear such as mask and why would we be foolish enough to want to lie to ourselves.  That’s all well and good, but after all of the theatrics, let’s ask ourselves this: are we strong enough to face the lies we tell ourselves so much that they have become “the truth” about ourselves?

Find a quiet place and look into the mirror of your soul and have a conversation with yourself.  Who are you really?  What are you hiding from yourself?  What are you purposefully convincing yourself is true? What illusions are you holding onto?

Chances are, if you are honest with yourself, you’d actually end up catatonic with the pain.  However, once all that washes away, once you admit to yourself that there is a layer that you need to peel away, and once you amass enough courage to look at your true face, you might find some glimmer of hope.

Before even concerning ourselves with the free trade of lies between us and other people, we must focus on the more relevant issue which involves the lies we tell ourselves because we can’t face ourselves, because we can’t face the naked truth.

Yes, what you see in the mirror, once all the facade has been peeled off, might be a monster, but it will be the real honest to goodness truth which you can then choose to work on to truly transform into the ideal self (or the better self) you wish – instead of slapping on layers and layers to cover up the ooze which leaks out.

The purpose of looking at our true face in the eye is not to possibly horrify and torture ourselves with what we might see in the mirror.  The purpose is only to call attention to the fact that it is only when we see, acknowledge, and recognize our true face, that there might be a chance for the redemptive powers of love to shine upon it.  And love – oh love – truly works miracles.

(c) Niconica 2010