Some of us might have wanted to lose faith in goodness all through these years. Goodness knows, when we look around, there are a thousand and one reasons why we should lose faith.

When we look back and cast our gazes about, we see all the pain, the suffering, the betrayals, and the hatred.  At the very least, it’s disheartening.  We remember the losses and we remember the grief, and there’s almost no point in keeping faith in goodness.

Let us remind ourselves, that while we are so busy looking at the darkness, we’ve turned our backs away from the light.  Whether we want to admit it or not, and whether we see it or not, blessings surround us.

Yes, things can always be better, but then again, they could actually be worse… way worse.  Seriously.  It’s not just about trying to fool ourselves into feeling better, it’s more than that.

Think about all the unexpected kindness which people have shown you.  You would be lying to yourself if you cannot even think of one occasion of kindness or goodness which has graced your life.  And, life is incidentally filled with such surprising moments.

Think about it.  At the moment when you have even given up on yourself, you find someone who has not given up on you.  At the moment when you least expect it, grace surrounds you.

The truth is, even what appears to be a curse now may be a blessing in the future.  We really wouldn’t know, would we? Okay, fine, even if some curses remain to be curses, it pales by comparison to the immense blessings that surround us.

What we know is that if we keep dipping our quills in acid ink, it’ll burn the paper – and ruin the quill!  And I’m sure none of us would be keen on being either the paper nor the quill in this case.

Blessings, blessings, blessings… we are surrounded by them. However, at times, we are too blind to even see.

Open your eyes! May we all be blessed with the special sight of being able to recognize the blessings – big and small – that come our way each day.

(c) Niconica 2010