What defines the perfect storm?  It is when all our most well-cherished pre-existing structures and concepts are all washed away in an instant, leaving us helpless and bare… but able to finally enjoy a blank slate – after all the rubbish has been cleared away, that is.

It is none other than the quintessential crisis in whatever way, shape, or form it takes: the dark night of the soul, a personal catastrophe, a mental devastation.  The essential questions are… “Why did it have to happen?” “How do we survive the perfect storm?” and “What do we do after?”

If we are honest with ourselves, we hold certain illusions near and dear to our hearts… and feed the illusions daily.  Sooner or later they become as much part of us as the hair on our heads.  The more difficult challenge is accepting that many of the things we accept as reality are actually false.

If they were true and real, they would not have been swept away in the wrath of the crisis.  Finally when everything has been washed away, we stand there in the emptiness and wonder what we truly have left inside, or whether we still have something left.  This is the true test of what we really possess, and the ultimate opportunity to rise from the ashes anew.

As horrible as it might have been to go through, and as unbelievable as it would be to hear, it was high time for the storm to come and it could not have come at a better time to shatter the battered remains of the old beliefs, the old prejudices, the old misconceptions.

Throw out the rubbish!  At this rate, they would have been there long enough to actually be malfunctioning anyway – filling up our current headspace with enough ill-conceived notions, delusions, and lies.

The wreckage contains a virus so effective that we might actually have mistaken the deception for the truth and have gotten lost in the fantasy – only the perfect storm could have had a chance of wiping it out.

Start anew, start from scratch… without even a sliver of the ruins, at least you would not have the headache of looking for a basement to store the leftover scraps.

Out of the chaos, you will find a refreshing and unexpectedly clarity.  Out of the uncertainty, you will find hidden strength.  Out of the gap, you will find a glimmer of all things possible.

(c) Niconica 2010