Fear exists in every one of us, as real as the air we breathe and yet as invisible, if not even more invisible.  It keeps us in check, in line, and in place.  It may be rational or irrational but one thing is for sure – it is very real in our lives.  What causes the fear may or may not be remembered, but we cannot forget what we fear.

We can run away from it, hide from it, deny it, exaggerate it, minimize it, or embellish it, but the fact remains that sooner or later, we would have to confront it… for it does not take kindly to being hidden in the dark corners of our mind.  It does not take well to being stored in the dark cellars of our psyche or the secret attics of our soul.

What is it that you fear?  Look at it closely for it reveals much about you… it reveals who you are… and if you do not take steps to correct it, it will reveal who you will become.  There may not be a truer mirror to our soul than our fear.  It extends deep into us and wraps itself around us – a tight death grip that strangles us as much as is sustains us.  It is a parasite we feed, which we wish we can live without, but cannot imagine being without. It haunts us and if we are not careful, it eats us alive.

Keep your fear at bay if you as of yet cannot find the will, the courage, or strength to confront it and let it go… but it note that it cannot remain hidden forever for it festers as it grows through time.  Fear doesn’t leave us alone and it serves as a barometer for change in our lives.  How can we say that we have changed when we have the same demons still haunting us?

We may move forward in time, we might age, and in effect, get a few steps closer to death, but if we don’t do anything about the proverbial monsters under our bed… we are just the same place where we were before.

We have lived with these fears long enough.  It is time to take stock.  If we think about it, all the fears that we possess inevitably have something to do with our past, and might have some or even considerable bearing on the present, but they should not have any effect on the future, if we hope to have a better future and hence, do not drag them along with us as we move forward.

Fear encourages enough caution in us, but take care not to let it own you.  It may be that it is up to us to deal with our fears whichever way we want to and whenever we feel we are ready to, but let it be remembered that at any crucial turning point, and there will be many, if we decide to give our fears more weight than our hope, then we might as well bid goodbye to all the new chances, opportunities, and possibilities that life may bring us.

(c) Niconica 2010