Now, if only we could be completely utterly in charge of our lives… won’t that be fantastic? Wrong.  If you or I were completely 100% in charge of our lives, it would be even in a worst state than it is now.  Why is that? How can we, being the “masters of our destinies”, not know better what would be in our own best interests?  Easily.

If you or I had our way, everything would be mired up in convolution due to our own myopic thinking and self-righteousness.  Whether we admit this or not is irrelevant.  The fact remains that that one of the sheer blessings in our lives is that window of opportunity – that gap which allows for miracles to come into our lives.

With our perpetual or habitual chronic negativity, if it were all up to us, all the miracles which have graced our lives would never have existed.  They would not even stand a chance.  Now, take a deep breath and step back.  No, step further back.  Even further back.  Watch, observe, forget, and allow for a miracle to happen.

It is often during the times that we least expect it when these beautiful cosmic accidents occur, and as much as we would like to take credit for them, we can’t.  It is because… it is not of our doing in the first place.  If we really think about it, we were too busy standing in the way, more than enabling wonder and blessings into our lives – oh well, perhaps not all of us, but most of us.

Isn’t it funny how blessings chance upon us jut when we were about to or have already thrown in the towel.  No, it wasn’t because we had given up that the blessings have come, but it was because we had managed to let go and this created the ripe conditions and space for miracles to come into our lives.

Let go.  Let go.  Let go.  Give miracles a chance, get out of the way, and they will more often than not, not only surprise us, but surpass our expectations.  We might find that the best experiences are often the most unexpected.

(c) Niconica 2010