Who would not want the perfect love, the perfect partner, the perfect relationship, the perfect life, and the perfect career? In our search for perfection, we sell ourselves out.  Endeavoring to seek flawlessness in every interaction, we prevent ourselves from seeing beauty.  As much as we would like to think that perfection equates to beauty, reality disagrees with us as far as most of the immensely beautiful things in life actually have a degree of imperfection – think of diamonds.

It may not dawn on us but the preoccupation with perfection is actually an imperfection in our mindset.  It causes us to block out anything that we think is not up to our impeccable standards and cause us to turn away, just before something truly manages to blossom.

We seek the perfect experience, but does it even exist? Since most of us do not possess the gift of precognition, we are then left into the capricious hands of chance… about as safe as the roll of the dice.  Shall we find the perfection we see in our lives, in ourselves, in our lovers, in our careers, in our family?

Let us remember that even with diamonds which are valued highly, perfection is rare.  What more with us mere mortals? If we set out on our quest with an eye on perfection, the endeavor will be half-doomed… for which object would be able to bear the weight of such scrutiny while retaining the mirage of perfection.  For that is what perfection is… it is a mirage, it is an illusion.

The minute we drop this falsehood: the idea that everything has to be perfect, we allow ourselves a chance to breathe, a chance for hope and beauty to grace our lives, and a chance to allow for the enjoyment of the everyday wonders and joys of life, within a healthy frame of mind.  Letting go of the unrealistic expectations of perfection, we then are able to open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts even more.  We allow forgiveness to exist so that we may be able to allow for happiness.

To put it succinctly, perfection can only exist when we stand at a very safe distance, and when we are too far away from the object to truly see it for what it is.  That is the only way perfection can exist: in our minds with the help of an optical illusion we gladly participate in by keeping a considerable distance away from the so-called object we attribute perfection to.

In our quest for perfection, we barely scratch the surface.

(c) Niconica 2010